bp business pause

How about breakfast?

30 minute b.p. business break

Isn’t that how it sometimes goes - Daily business eats a lot of your time and what little remains is occupied by “urgent” ad hoc projects. There’s hardly a moment of peace so you can think deeply about and discuss real meta-issues at your job such as brand management, relevance or the impact of digital technology on communication.

We’ve had the same experience, so we thought about how we could master this challenge – And we came up with the breakfast break. Even the time for a cup of coffee and a little snack can be full of stress. So want to use this window of time with you for a b.p. business break. We can discuss your daily challenges regarding internal arguments and pioneering and timely communications. Or we can use the time to bring you up to speed on the issues of marketing automation, lead management and creativity in B2B.

So if you have 30 minutes and would like to talk with us and get inspired, we’d be happy to visit. Just write us a short email:

b.p business break Eppingen: epp(at)
b.p business break Munich:
b.p business break Cologne: koe(at)
b.p business break Hamburg: ham(at)

We’ll provide a light breakfast.

bp business pause