Open up!

Agencies can make communications relevant only when they learn to ask new questions.

How is your sales department set up and how efficiently does it work together with marketing? Do you have a corporate mission statement and do you live by it? Do you develop products because the market needs them or because your research and development department thinks they’re great? What services will your industry sector need in 10 years?

We are interested in these questions and many others that go far beyond the classic understanding of a communications agency when we try to understand the core of a company and develop relevant communication approaches. We use the results of these questions to develop and define together with you strategically relevant areas and measures for your company. So open up to us when we ask you to let us look deep inside your company.


Organization development and communication processes

Interdepartmental cooperation is now indispensable for the development of informative and relevant communications. Often departments don’t all understand the necessity and importance of teamwork. We help you raise awareness among the decision makers in your company. We then work together with you to present the internal processes in order to synchronize sales, product management, development and customer care with marketing.



Your brand should be a beacon that shines on the market and promotes an identity and orientation throughout your entire company. To ensure this, we consult with you about all issues related to communication for your company and product brands including:

  • Creation / development
  • Maintenance
  • Relaunch
  • Brand integration/ spin-off


At a time when markets are changing faster than ever before, it sometimes makes strategic sense to break new ground. We can be your sounding board for marketing analysis and brainstorming and provide communication support for:

  • Responding to new market situations
  • Developing new markets

Consulting on technology support for marketing

Timely publication of your communications is a challenge that increasingly has to be tackled with IT support. Even personalized communication with your target groups at the right time can be facilitated by using modern communication technologies. We are at your side during the evaluation, selection and implementation of these systems, which will make your communications more competitive, efficient and relevant.

  • CRM
  • Lead management
  • Marketing automation