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Emotions make the brand – B2C and B2B

Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Putzbrunn

Keeping a brand modern and attractive for decades is a high art in marketing communication. For Truma, the well-known manufacturer of heaters, air conditioners, marshaling systems and gas supplies for camping vehicles, this means consciously presenting itself in a new way in a market that is uniform and strongly generic in its appearance.

As part of the marketing relaunch, the goal was to let people experience the brand core “more comfort on the move” in an authentic way. The new imagery no longer transmits the brand core primarily technically through product arguments but in a targeted and emotional way that supports identification through the values associated with different camper types.

The company is now perceived as dynamic and modern by the entire camper target group all the way up to vehicle manufacturers and dealers. Truma is dynamic and modern like the present.

The clear focus on maximum relevance and customer value was the main issue in creating the new product literature.

From the highly emotional imagery to the right wording. Instead of a large comprehensive catalog, particular segment brochures spoke to the different target groups in a much more personalized way. The new taglines “heating | cooling |managing” ensured the desired portfolio transfer across all measures.

At the Caravan Salon 2016 in Düsseldorf at the end of August, Truma presented its new brand image for the first time – implemented strictly and with high quality in brochures and a new booth.

Our services:

Strategic concept (development of imagery / key visuals / photo spreads, text), photo production, conception and realization of 4 brochures in 8 languages

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