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The future of intralogistics

next intralogistics GmbH, Sinsheim

When companies strive to grow, company internal logistics, or intralogistics - are often an underestimated stumbling block. Previous solutions were all individually designed, complicated to program and usually extremely expensive. Moreover, the implementation is very time consuming and not very flexible.

The next GmbH, by using the novel FlexConveyor which can be easily implemented, is capable of carrying out intralogistic solutions quickly and affordably in order to flexibly absorb capacity peaks, for example. The technology even makes it possible to economically provide leasing and rental offers.

b.p was tasked with pointedly placing the new brand on the market and quickly communicating the unique character of the offer. As the previously available offers always displayed clear limitations to potential customers, this new offer was predestined to break these. With the claim “Accept no limits”, the communication specifically targeted that. Boldly phrased customer demands such as “You want flexibility - here you will get it” were placed at trade fairs, adverts and on newly created websites.

Our services:

strategic communications concept, corporate design, logo design, advertisement and pamphlet design