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Experiencing strategy in 3D

Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG, Owen/Teck

As part of the strategic work on the further development of communications for our long-time customer Leuze electronic GmbH + Co, we worked on a new trade-fair exhibition for the SPS – the most important annual trade fair for Leuze electronic – and adapted it to the company’s new messaging and visual changes. It is enormously important for us to be able to quickly recognize the idea and messaging behind the exhibiting company.  What does the company stand for? What makes them special and what differentiates them from the surrounding competition? Nowhere can brands be compared more easily than at trade fairs because the market participants all exhibit in close proximity to each other. Regardless of the size or trade-fair budget, it is important to leave an impression and make a clear, tangible and noticeable statement.

So we emphasized the newly developed messaging with Leuze electronic. The booth centered around large-scale motifs on the four "Smart Sensor Business" topics – Simplicity, Experience, Proximity and Future –, and four video clips associated with the topics were presented in a central cube.  Sound showers allowed the audio for each of the videos to be heard in only a small part of the space. This "space" formed the starting point for customer discussions with the sales team at the trade fair. During the short waiting periods, the booth visitors could resonate with Leuze electronic before they discussed specific questions or viewed products with their contact at the booth. The memorable and brand-typical visual presentation of the entire booth, which was based on the corporate image from previous years, and the clearly-structured and comprehensible exhibition, made the booth a successful brand ambassador for Leuze electronic and the new strategic messaging.

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