Sales and marketing – who controls who?

Holistic strategies for more sales success

Integration of marketing and sales

Experience shows how important the optimal interaction of marketing and sales is, especially when it comes to brand and product positioning. In many companies, there is no uniform line within the corporate, brand, product and sales strategy. This turns the individual areas into a ‘black box’ whose results cannot be measured effectively.
blösch.partner supports you in raising the awareness of your marketing and sales teams. First, we get a complete picture of your situation: how is sales positioned and how efficiently does it work with marketing? Where can synergies save effort and costs? How can the degree of organisation be improved?

The customer always in mind 

Customer centring is one of the central themes of modern marketing. 
In this context, not only customer relationship management, but also the lead management preceding it should be seen. Despite high competitive pressure in almost all markets, many medium-sized companies do not exhaust all their possibilities of customer acquisition and customer retention.

A lead management strategy is one of the most important factors for successful interaction between marketing and sales. Coordinated marketing and sales processes as well as the integration of both areas are an important competitive advantage in the battle for customers and market shares.

Share of medium-sized technical businesses for whom the following marketing tasks are very important or important

‘A well-structured lead management process makes it possible to introduce new products to markets promptly and open up new markets within a short period of time. The prerequisite is an integrative working method of marketing and sales.’ 

Christian Scholze

Optimisation of processes

As a neutral process moderator, we conduct internal workshops in close coordination with you, determine the optimisation potential and implement suitable measures to achieve your goals. This also includes, for example, the introduction of new tools such as multichannel marketing, marketing automation, mobile marketing and many more.

We accompany you in the evaluation, selection and implementation of these systems. An essential step in this process is to further develop marketing and sales work by means of measurable key figures.

Our services in this field of expertise:

  • Development of integrated marketing, sales and customer management strategies
  • Implementation of adopted strategies
  • Analysis and evaluation of the relevance of sales and marketing activities
  • Assistance with organisational and structural changes

At the end of the process, there is integrated marketing and sales work that measurably strengthens your assertiveness in the market.

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