Managing change – maintaining an attitude

Identity provides orientation

Creating orientation and doing the right things

Even the medium-sized economy is characterised by globalisation, digital change, disruption by new competitors, changed customer behaviour and an increasing shortage of skilled workers. The increasing speed not only forces us to adapt, but also to show our true colours: what remains as the core if you subtract the day-to-day business?

 We know from experience how difficult it is to get out of the operational business and invest time for a strategic view. To question existing procedures in the company and to check them for sustainability. These are important prerequisites for profitable growth in the company.

What is the biggest problem in corporate identity development in your company?

‘Successful companies have a significantly stronger corporate identity and ensure a clear and distinguishable brand positioning internally and externally.’

Thomas Schmidt

From vision to practice of holistic corporate management

The management of corporate identity is a central task of corporate management and an essential part of corporate strategy. The basis for control is a comprehensive and clear description of the identity. The positioning does just that. It defines the vision, the mission and the values in the company. However, the core content of the identity is the clear and unmistakable customer benefit.

The identity of a company is conveyed and perceived primarily via six dimensions, which together form an overall picture. In practice, it is a matter of checking where an actual state is maintained and where readjustment or revision is necessary.  

  • Corporate culture has a decisive influence on the long-term success of companies and is nevertheless most often neglected or underestimated. 

  • The behaviour of employees and the company as a whole characterises the corporate identity: from the management style, the willingness to cooperate with each other or the contact with customers and market participants. Any possibility of positively influencing behaviour should therefore be used.

  • Communication is everything. In times of change, strategic corporate communication, both internal and external, is becoming increasingly important. In practice, change processes often lack holistic communication with consistent and clear statements.

  • Good design does not mean uninhibited creativity. Although it is creative, it is controlled by strategic goals and rational process control.

  • A product strategy must be carefully organised and aligned with the positioning of the company. Differentiation from the competition plays a special role here.

  • Only companies that really know their customer and market needs will be successful in the long-term. The challenge in times of constantly changing market conditions is to maintain an overview and react appropriately. 

    Our value proposition for you

    blösch.partner accompanies you through the exciting balancing act of maintaining your own corporate identity while remaining flexible. We put conventional patterns of thought and action to the test and ask you to accept the sharpening of identity as a permanent process. In addition, we support you in aligning new products, services and employees with your corporate identity. 


    Our services in this field of expertise:


    • Analysis of the initial situation
    • Definition of corporate identity and values
    • Definition of content and messages
    • Target group analysis
    • Operational implementation in the company
    • Operational implementation in the external image


    At the end of the process, there is a clearly defined picture of your company. And thus, a guideline that serves as an orientation system for many decisions in your day-to-day business. 

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