Change begins in the mind

Gain employees and make them ambassadors

Using change as an opportunity

The accelerated and adaptable world of work poses an enormous challenge, especially for medium-sized businesses. Qualified specialists have become more mobile and demanding. You can choose the best one from many offers. Increasingly, it is not the salary but the attractiveness of the company, its offerings in the area of work–life balance and, last but not least, a credible and sustainable identity that is decisive. Because identity enables identification – and thus an emotional attachment to the employer.

How do you align your personnel policy?

‘We want to make your employees open to change and motivate them to keep an overview in a rapidly changing working environment.’ 

Steven Gingras

The human factor – which personalities work in the company?

The willingness to continuously learn and develop is more important today than ever. Every individual as well as the entire organisation must be capable of action and change today.

blösch.partner sees itself as a partner of all employees. From the management level to the warehouse clerk. We see ourselves as companions of change processes in the company. With the aim of making identity a tangible experience. To this end, we offer workshops, training and education measures specially tailored to your needs, which effectively support your strategic agenda. So that leadership succeeds; and so that employees become ambassadors for your brand.

Our value proposition for you

We bring with us practical and entrepreneurial experience and adapt the application to your individual needs and topics. This includes a detailed examination of your organisational and employee structure as well as the consideration of which necessary measures will bring about a sustainable result. 

Particularly in change processes, a targeted and coordinated approach is important in order to involve all employees in a company at a suitable time. 

Our services in this field of expertise:


  • Analysis of the actual situation and improvement potential
  • Executive coaching
  • Employee workshops and training
  • Conception of employee retention programs
  • Optimisation of workflows and processes
  • Organisational development


At the end of the process, there will be an organisation with whose goals and values employees can identify.

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