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Terry Welch follows one motto in his sales training: ‘There must be a way to achieve even more performance through greater efficiency.’  This is particularly true of his approach, which is shaped by the Challenger Approach. Even his first professional station as a district manager at a large retail group was a practical training school for consistent optimisation. That paved the way for his sales career as account manager, sales manager and finally country manager at an international American company in Germany. Terry was bilingually educated as a half American and his heart beats with the unshakeable spirit of a doer. In his training, he takes into account the diversity of people, because there are always many ways to reach a goal.  Since 2010, he has been acting as a sales coach in the German medium-sized business sector as well as on the international stage in the B2B sector. 

    Consulting fields

    • Sales consulting and coaching on the job
    • Value-oriented selling (value selling)
    • Trade fair consulting, training and coaching at the trade fair
    • Sales kick-off events and workshops


      • Many years of experience giving seminars on the topics of ‘sales training, rhetoric training and negotiations’
      • Implementation of cross-departmental workshops on the topic of ‘Sales growth, value selling and storytelling’
      • Sales coaching of teams and individuals on the job


      • Mechanical engineering
      • Management consultancy
      • Financial service
      • IT technology and software
      • High-tech and development
      • Banking and insurance


      • Fitness training and sauna
      • Nature sports such as mountain biking and hiking
      • Culinary voyages of discovery in gastronomy 

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