• Think beyond people, brand and identity.

    For more business success.

    Strategic consulting for medium-sized technical businesses

  • ‘Do we stand for a certain attitude or are we replaceable?’

    Identity and values


  • ‘Is my company properly positioned for the future?’

    Strategy and innovation


  • ‘Do we think too much about our products and too little about our customers?’

    Marketing and sales


  • ‘Is my company attractive enough for top professionals?’ 

    Employees and organisation


Shaping the future, preserving identity

blösch.partner advises company owners, managing directors and executives from medium-sized technical businesses on the development and consolidation of their corporate identity. This creates clear competitive advantages: a corporate identity makes a company unmistakable and strengthens its position in the market. It gives your products, brands and employees a reliable foundation. And last but not least, it provides orientation for the future direction of the company in times of change. 

Our services for you 

We analyse and evaluate your initial situation and work with you to develop practical and realisable measures for a successful result. The basis for this is always a jointly developed corporate identity. 


Our fields of expertise

We consider all aspects that ensure the success of the company: identity and values, strategy and innovation culture, marketing and sales, products and technologies, and employees and organisation.


The blösch.partner

Expertise Group 

Your team of consultants will be put together individually by us – exactly fitting to your task. So you can be sure that you have only experienced specialists to talk to.  


Why blösch.partner?

There are management consultancies like sand on a beach. But very few of them specialise exclusively in medium-sized technical businesses. Read here why we are the right partner for you.


Who we work for

blösch.partner is not a classic management consultancy. We are not a brand agency either. We combine disciplines from both areas in a range of services specially tailored to smaller and medium-sized companies. 

From decades of experience, we know the needs and challenges of medium-sized businesses and are familiar with different industrial sectors, organisational structures and business models. This B2B expertise is enhanced by persons from our Expertise Group, who bring in their technical competence from special fields. 

Our contact partners are mainly company owners, managing directors and executives from senior management.

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