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Establishing and managing B2B brands has always been one of our core competencies. There is doubtless still a backlog of work precisely in this realm, because knowledge and an understanding of the importance of a well-managed brand to company success has not yet been universally firmly anchored.

Not so with our long-standing customer, Leuze electronic. For nearly ten years we have developed the  emotional company claim of “the sensor people” together with the manufacturer of optoelectronic sensors as an internal as well as external sign of the bonding of all of the employees to “their” company, and as a clear market differentiation. After an establishment phase, this claim was enhanced to a concrete, rational pledge, the smart sensor business. This was based on a comprehensive, strategic company- and market consideration and was underpinned by tangible features in the communication. Since this fixed establishment, real employees have additionally become authentic testimonials for our communication.

In the current step, the issue now involves simplifying and refreshing the communication of the customer pledge internally as well as externally. The result has been four basic concepts that bind the emotional and rational arguments together in communication. Integrated in the uniform, characterizing sentence – Smart is ... – which builds a bridge to the smart sensor business, short, memorable statements that are understood internally as well as externally thus arose.


here stands for the fact that Leuze electronic basically develops products that can be used more easily than their predecessors or competitive products.

EXPERIENCE stands for company awareness that industry and expert knowledge is shared with its customers in order to continually develop the best solution.

PROXIMITY stands both for the spatial as well as the topical proximity of a company that has positioned itself worldwide in order to support customers directly on site through its sensor specialists.

FUTURE stands for the engagement of Leuze electronic, together with customers and technology companies, in the development of the automation solutions of tomorrow.

In order to be able to adequately present the new concept internally as well as externally, the terms were packaged in stories and executed as professional video clips. Real employees from Germany, Switzerland
and Vietnam hereby play the main roles and tell their stories. In the first step, the concept was communicated internally through various measures and discussed and expanded with the international sales team in the context of brand workshops. For this, in addition to the videos, we created a separate, dual-language campaign landing page and various other, accompanying materials. The external kick-off to the new brand campaign was the occasion of the SPS 2017 – one of the most important trade shows for Leuze electronic – at which the videos and motifs were presented for the first time to a broad public. Additionally, we used the Leuze electronic customer magazine and also prepared the topics editorially. Currently, we are in the process of further developing the campaign internally as well as externally in order to optimally exploit the initial momentum to the extent possible.tzen.

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communications strategy, concept development, storyboards, speaker’s text, direction, film production, film shooting, post production, landing page, planning and implementing brand workshops, development of various materials, trade show concept and design

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