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Touching the Soul of Sales

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, 
Adhesive Technologies – Aerospace, Düsseldorf

The sales representatives of Henkel Aerospace advise their customers in OEM and maintenance for an extremely broad and heterogeneous technology portfolio of adhesive films and pastes, cleaners and pretreatment layers. As a global market leader in structural adhesives and surface treatments for aircraft, Henkel is listed in over 5,000 aerospace specifications with its LOCTITE and BONDERITE brands alone.  

The new Henkel touch app helps the worldwide sales team present this expertise easily and professionally. Whether it’s in the office on a laptop, at the customer’s with a tablet or on a large trade-fair touchscreen –  the app leads the sales staff intuitively and quickly to the right solution. They can search directly according to technical features, product names or specifications. It's also at home as part of an interactive sales pitch using modular technology presentations and videos.  

The Henkel touch app is centrally maintained and thereby ensures the timeliness and accuracy of data. So sales always has validated information at their fingertips. All customer-specific information from this sales tool is transferred into the Henkel lead management system and helps bring future consulting closer to the customer.

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Strategic concept, communicative consulting, UI design, management of technical realization and implementation, data maintenance, updating, documentation

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