We change companies 

Strategic consulting and creative communication under one roof

We focus on the essentials

We start with the strategic alignment of the company before we talk about the design and communication of the brand. We involve the employees before we design the market presence or develop concepts for employer branding. We put the current marketing strategy to the test before we develop new communication solutions. We place the holistic customer experience at the centre of our actions.

The mixture of holistic strategy consulting, creative communication and practical implementation makes the difference to many other consulting companies and communication agencies for medium-sized technical businesses

We have been in the market for a long time

blösch.partner is one of the most renowned B2B communication agencies in Germany. Since its foundation in 1980, the B2B agency has specialised in technical products and solutions that require explanation and successfully advises medium-sized companies on strategic and communicative issues. Our customers appreciate our analysis, competence and creativity and value a long-lasting and trusting partnership. Thanks to our four locations, we can work close to our customers, which brings additional advantages. Fast coordination, direct communication and deep insight into customer requirements.









Extension of consulting services

Our experience has shown that the time is more than ripe for a clear and conscious prioritisation of strategy consulting for management. It is about the holistic view, which illuminates all points of view in and on a company. It is about honing the profile of a company’s identity in a time of permanent change. It is about new ways of thinking and methods to be more successful: starting from customer-oriented innovation management up to marketing. 

And it is about the most important capital in the company: the human factor. Therefore we have extended our consulting services and offer a portfolio of products and services geared to small and medium-sized enterprises in our new area blösch.partner Consulting. Our contact persons in the company are mainly owners, managing directors and executives from senior management.


At blösch.partner Consulting, high-calibre and experienced specialists from the various management areas are available. Depending on the requirements and the project, you will take on the role of initiator, moderator or honest sparring partner and support the management in answering open questions. Especially in economically challenging times, the unbiased and sharpened view ‘from the outside’ is more important than ever.

Michael Arnold

Executive Partner

Thomas Schmidt

Executive Partner

Christian Scholze

Member of the Executive Board

blösch.partner is an active member in various industry associations.

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